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Johari Island

An Original Screenplay by Lia Crawford

Johari Island

Logline: In 2040, when a plot to kill the United America President goes awry, Naima Raye is charged with creating a new society. A sci-fi/thriller feature film.

"Johari Island" is written along the lines of films like "Wonder Woman (2017)" and "X-Men: Apocalypse (2016)." This story is about a haphephobic massage therapist named Naima Raye in the newly emerged United Americas who is finally living a life on her terms, minus the life partner and the island home of her dreams. 

The new regime implements mandatory DNA testing and deportations across the nation, which spark political unrest and drive Naima to work on overcoming her phobia. An attempt on the president's life inadvertently poisons the nation's water supply, transforming Naima from a peaceful healer into a guilt-free murderer and prisoner of the infamous women's prison - Johari Island. 

Surrounded by thousands of women like herself in a tropical prison, Naima works to find balance after the effects of the tainted water wane while protecting herself and others from Mayra Moura, a natural born serial killer with a specific taste. Now, with time running out, Naima Raye must stop the destruction of lives by any means necessary, or life as we know it will end. 

I believe the female-driven cast and the rollercoaster of adventure in "Johari Island" will appeal to a wide audience. Please let me know if I can send you the script, and thanks for your time and consideration. 

Ready for option / In Pre-Production

Graphic Novels / Short Screenplays


Logline: Paranormal events alter Carla’s life when she fails to follow all 42 Laws of Ma’at in 24 hours. A sci-fi, dramatic short and graphic novel in progress.

In Pre-Production
Excerpt from 42:24 the graphic novel in progress © Lia Crawford 2019.

Excerpt from 42:24 the graphic novel in progress © Lia Crawford 2019.