Lia Crawford



A native of Evanston, Illinois, I began my first production and editing internship at the age of 16 with the Evanston Community Media Center. It was there I first learned to edit with AVID, log VHS tapes, and record events around town with a Panasonic.

I continued to expand my knowledge at both Southern Illinois University - Carbondale and Chicago State University, earning a B.A. in Communications, Media Arts, and Theater in 2007. I also have MFA coursework under my belt. Since 2010, I have offered copyediting and writing services, primarily writing screenplays, press releases, and other marketing materials. Recently, I expanded to offer videography, still photography, and project consulting services. I currently work with a Canon Rebel T6, Canon EF-S 18-55mm, and EF 75-300mm lens set.

In addition to these services, I write screenplays, short stories, poetry and I began working on a novel in my personal time. To raise funds for my projects, I design and create accessories and sell prints. I have traveled to Washington, DC; Atlanta, GA; Chicago, IL; Los Angeles, CA, Houston, TX; Winona, MN, and various other locations to write and capture the world around me.

I am also a cinephile (lover of all things relating to film) and an advocate of mental health and domestic violence awareness. I believe that everyone has a level of power to #ChangetheNarrative in their lives and the lives of others. As our levels of power vary across the board, we should work together to help the underserved gain representation in a space previously dominated by an unforgiving standard.

Contact me via email at if you have personal/event photography or writing needs. Please browse the Products page and support a project of your choosing.

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